Eco Tour

Many people perceive ecotours as hardworking tours that need great energy and courage to commence.

Ecotours are indeed not necessarily to be tough, muddy, sweatily, nor sleepless. Many countries now have sufficient infrastructure to bring tourists to the sites, and sufficient facilities to let tourists stay comfortably. Though, a basic among of physical strength is needed to walk you through the jungles, slip you through the historical heritages, ride you on the elephant backs, and raft you down the streams.

What makes ectours the most different from others is the sense of nature - The feeling is completely different between riding a horse on the plain to spot the wildlife and riding a coach to rush among the factory outlets, or between walking through the vegetation inside a tropical rainforest and walking through the people inside a Theme Park. From the very beginning, they are all different in sight, sound, smell, and touch.

There is no way to tell you how the feeling is like, nor for you to image the real feeling through watching tv documentaries. Other eco-travellers and I can only show you the ways. You have to go and experience it yourselves.

Do it and you will find it worth!


"Only shoot with your camera, and only take away your wonderful memory!"