Hiking Hong Kong

While Hong Kong is famous of being a concrete jungle fully filled with commercial buildings and activities, this small city does has a treasure of bio- and geo-diversity that many people have overlooked or taken for granted. The many country parks, hiking trails and historical sites spread around the Hong Kong territories are indeed excellent outdoor classrooms for a wide range of subjects. They are also excellent playgrounds for us, the city people, to release our stress and pressure. Simply go for a leisure walk, a short to long range hiking, or a barbecue with friends and family. The fresh air and beautiful scenery will help us recover from our busy work weeks.

This section of the website only shows you very brief information of some of the hiking trails that AhFan has visited. To know more about the trails, the best way is to do a little bit preparation and go experience them yourself.

Just do it and you will find it worth!


"Only shoot with your camera, and only take away your wonderful memory!"