Luk Keng and Nam Chung, Tai Po


Along Sha Tau Kok Road, there are several pieces of mangroves that are some of the most important natural habitats left in Hong Kong. Many of them have been designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) by the Hong Kong SAR Government, meaning that special attention is needed. Among these sites, the largest piece is located at Luk Keng.

Near the shore of Luk Keng, there is a tiny island named A Chau, where many egrets reside. Every evening, hundreds of white egrets come back to rest for the night.

From Luk Keng, a hiking trail extends to the Pak Sin Leng peaks. If you do not intend for a serious tracking, take the branch road that takes you an easy walk to the slope of Luk Keng, then down to Nam Chung, and back to Sha Tau Kok Road.

Sitting next to Luk Keng is Nam Chung, a small and traditional village with a number of fish ponds that are still operating. The view to Nam Chung from the slope gives a feeling of quiet, peaceful and harmony. A leisure one-hour walk will bring you up hill from Luk Keng to the Sir Edward Youde's Memorial Pavillion, enjoy the wonderful view and take a good rest, then go down to Nam Chung and back to Sha Tau Kok Road.



Luk Keng and Nam Chung locate in the mid way of Sha Tau Kok Road. From Fanling train station, take a green van 56K to the last stop. There are stores where you can eat and buy snacks.

There is a public car park that can accommodate around twenty vehicles right opposite to the stores. During holidays, the car park will be full early in the morning.

Walk into the village. At end of the village road, follow the turn to go up hill and the journey starts. Not too long you will be high enough to view the Nam Chung fish ponds. It is about one hour's walk to the Sir Edward Youde's Memorial Paviliion, where you can have an excellent view to Nam Chung, Luk Keng and the Sha Tau Kok Sea.



When approaching the Sir Edward Youde's Memorial Pavillion, be aware of the junction road that lead to the Pavillion. Missing the junction will take you up the Pak Sing Lang range.

After visiting the Pavillion, walk down hill to the Nam Chung exit. The whole journey should not take more than three hours.