Ng Tung Tsai Waterfalls, Lam Tsuen, Tai Po

Ng Tung Tsai

Ng Tung Tsai Waterfall is one of the tallest all-season waterfall range in Hong Kong. Located in Ng Tung Tsai Village of Lam Tsuen, Tai Po, the wateralls in the area remain uncontaminated because of it's remoteness.

Ng Tung Tsai Waterfall is composed of a range of waterfalls. The main fall, situating on top of the hill side, is also the tallest fall. The middle fall and bottom fall follow the main fall along the down stream. Another major fall named the Scatter Fall deviates from the others not far away.

During and after rains, the water current could be very strong. It is spectacular but could also be dangerous for hikers. So, be cautious.


From Tai Po or Yuen Long, Take any public transportation that go through Lam Kam Road. Get off at Ng Tong Tsai Village. There is no public parking space nearby.

Enter the village and walk for 15 minutes to the end of the village's main road. Along the pathway going up hill, there is a sign indicating the direction towards the waterfall. From there, the walk to reach the main waterfall takes about 2 hours. If you plan to visit all falls, including the main, middle, bottom and Scatter Fall, do reserve time for the stays and an additional 20 minutes walk to Scatter Fall.



Although the route is not rough, there are a lot of going up and down. Frequent rest for inexperienced walkers may be needed.

Swimming in the waterfalls could be highly dangerous especially after rains. The rocks are very slippy and the water current is strong.


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