Sha Lo Tung and Hok Tau Reservoir, Tai Po to Fanling

The LEE Village

Sha Lo Tung is one of the uncontaminated village in Hong Kong. Located at Cloudy Hill in between Hok Tau Reservoir and Fung Yuen Village, it is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest that is rich in biodiversity and historical value.

Numerous wildlife species can be found at Sha Lo Tung. During spring and summer, dragonflies, butterflies and flowering plants colour the place. You may be interested to know that some of the dragonfly and butterfly species that can be seen at Sha Lo Tung were firstly recorded in Hong Kong. Two amphibian species, the Roman Tree Frog and the Hong Kong Newt, are even local species that so far can only be found in Hong Kong! Sha Lo Tung and Hok Tau are also good for year-round bird watching.

There are three traditional villages at Sha Lo Tung. They are the Cheung Uk (the Cheung Village), the Lee Uk (the Lee Village) and the Sha Lo Tung Lo Wai (the Old Village). Lo Wai was firstly built by the first generations of the Cheungs' and their decedents during the late 1800's and was later sold to the Lee's ancestors. Therefore, the villages are somewhat over 300 years old but still contain buildings that maintain the historical structure and faces. There are still villagers in the Cheung UK while the Lee villages is now obsolete. (Thanks to Mr Steven Cheung, a descendent of the Cheung Village who provided this information. Updated in early 2010)

The Hok Tau Reservoir supplies water for the northeast New Territories. It is part of the Pak Sin Ling Country Park that covers family hiking trails, serious hiking tracks, and picnic and barbecue sites. Close to the Hok Tau Village, it is the Produce Green organic farm, which is established by an volunteery organisation Produce Green to promote organic farming.


The two ends of the route are Tai Po and Fanling. You can start from either points: Tai Po - Fung Yuen - Cloudy Hill - Sha Lo Tung - Hok Tau Reservoir - Hok Tau Village - Fanling.

Form Tai Po, take any public transportations that go through Ting Kok Road. Get off at Fung Yuen. The route starts from Fung Yuen Road (opposit to the Lam Kam Kee Factory at the Tai Po Industrial Centre). Walk along Fung Yuen Road and than up hill to Cloudy Hill.

From Fanling KCR station, take a green van to Hok Tau Village. Walk back to the main road from Hok Tau Village, turn right, walk for 15 minutes to Hok Tau Reservior. Than follow the staircase to go up hill.



The route is easy. Except that if you start from Fung Yuen, the first part of the walk from Fung Yuen up to Cloudy Hill is steep. Do walk slowly, rest, and drink enough water. It only takes around 30 minutes to overcome the staircases. Dont' rush. After than, it will be a rather leisure walk.

There used to be a villager at the Sha Lo Tung village selling drinks (Fat Kee Store). However, opening of the store is not guaranteed. Better care enough water.