Tap Mun, an island in eastern Hong Kong

Balance Rock, Tap Mun

Tap Mun, or Tap Mun Chau in full name, is one of the islands at the far east of Hong Kong. The name (in Chinese "Tap" means pagoda and "Mun" means door) was given because of the many large rocks lying along the coastal line, emulating many pagodas guarding the water entrance to the Hong Kong territories. The island is relatively small with area less than 2 square kilometers. It is flat also. At the hilltop of Mau Ping Shan, the highest point of the island is only 125 meters above sea level. Because of the short and easy routes, it is an idea place for family hiking.


There are ferries running twice every day between Ma Liu Shui and Wong Shek, with stops at Sham Chung, Lai Chi Chong, Tap Mun, Ko Lau Wan, and Check Keng. Currently the ferries depart Ma Liu Shui at 0830 and 1500, and return from Tap Mun at 1110 and 1730. An addition ferry departs Tap Mun at 1345 during weekends and public holidays. Sailing time between Ma Liu Shui and Tap Mun is around 90 minutes. For updated ferry schedule, visit www.traway.com.hk .


At the pier turn left. There are few stores and restaurants where you can refill with foods and drinks, or buy some dry seafood home. Passing the end of the lane you will see the Tin Hau Temple on the right. Like most outer islands and seaside villages in Hong Kong, native fishermen worship Tin Hau as the Goddess whom protects them from adverse sailing conditions.

Follow the path on the left of the temple will lead you to the Youth Centre and Police Post. There just follow the big sign on the ground that point you to the Hill Top and visit the renowned Balance Rock. From Tin Hau Temple to Hill Top is only a fifteen-minute easy walk.

The first attraction at the Hill Top that will catch your eyesight is the Sun Rise Pavilion. In front of it is the unblocked view facing east to the Mirs Bay. This area is also a perfect campsite that people will spend a night to view sun raise in the next morning.

For a leisure day, you can spend the rest of your time flying kites and enjoying the unbeatable scenery. If you decide to see more, follow the main route and track north to visit Lung Keng Kan, Che Wan, and reach the highest point of Tap Mun at Mau Ping Shan. Some parts of the route ares not so obvious. Keep the direction and you will find the way. A round trip tracking takes around one and a half hours.

Tap Mun is mainly filled with bush. Durng Spring and Summer, the flowers attack many butterfly spices and other kinds of inset.


I once saw a batch of over twenty urchin shells left on the beach. Despite the fact that visitors should not disturb our natural environment and habitat, it is highly dangerous to skip between the rocks on the water front which are very slippy and grown with sharp-end shells. Let's keep our journey safe and make it memorable.